How to make 3 styles of mermaid skirts out of 1 set of patterns!

How to Make 3 Styles of Mermaid Skirts out of 1 set of patterns


I love versatile patterns that allow me to create many different styles of garments.


Would you be surprised if I told you these skirts were all made out of the same set of patterns?


Belly Dance Costume Workshop Goddess skirt variation


This is how I created each one 🙂


1. The Goddess Skirt


Make a Mermaid Skirt with Inserts Goddess Skirt


I show how to make this golden mermaid skirt called Goddess Skirt in my online Belly Dance Costume Workshop.


This is an 8-panel mermaid skirt with beautiful chiffon inserts. Because of the way you create this pattern, the skirt fits perfectly around the hips.


Perfect fit around the hips = no need for an elastic waistband = no muffin top!


The inserts are strategically placed so that the skirt creates the hourglass figure. And when you twirl, the chiffon inserts create drama!



2. The Ocean Mermaid Skirt


DIY Perky Ruffles - Flounce ruffles with fishing line


The only difference between the first skirt and this one is the colours of the fabrics and perky ruffles! 😀


I took the same Goddess Skirt pattern and added ruffles created from flounces with fishing line, which I call Perky Ruffles. You can see how to create the perky ruffles here.


This is a great way to add more volume and romantic feel to your skirt with godets 🙂


3. The Lace Panel Mermaid Skirt


DIY Lace side panel mermaid skirt color block BDCW hack


This one looks quite different from the other two, but for this one, I basically hacked my own Goddess Skirt pattern above 😉 


I took the same Goddess Skirt pattern, eliminated the godets but added flare to the panels. You can see exactly how I did it here!


Because the basic Goddess Skirt pattern has 8 panels, it’s easy to create panels from different fabrics and create a more sophisticated look. For example, the lace side panels above 😉


As you can see, this Goddess Skirt pattern is super versatile, and just by swapping colours, textures, you can create so many different styles!


Where can you learn to make these skirts based on your measurements?


Well, a versatile skirt pattern is great, but if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, it doesn’t mean anything. And that goes with the rest of belly dance costuming.


So I’ve put together an online workshop called Belly Dance Costume Workshop. The workshop is designed to help you make not only this versatile Goddess Skirt based on your unique measurements, but also a perfectly fitting bra and belt.


You can learn all about this workshop right here! The enrolment is closing soon!


“Thank you so much for creating the belly dance costume workshop. After just one day I’ve learned so much, and the videos are super easy to follow along to.”

-Sarah, Belly Dance Costume Workshop student


“I have to tell you, I’ve been living in my costume workshop! I even scrapped what I was working on to do this instead! :)”

-Royah, Belly Dance Costume Workshop student


Check out the Belly Dance Costume Workshop before it closes!


How to Make 3 Styles of Mermaid Skirts from the same patterns