Bella inspired Gauntlets Part 2: How to Make Armbands

How to Make Armbands, Bella inspired Gauntlets

Happy New Year! 😀


Sparkly Belly’s first post of the year is How to Make Armbands!


This is Part 2 of how to make Bella inspired gauntlets. Part 1 was about how to make the wristbands. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out from here.


In this video, you will see how to make the armbands, how to connect them to the wristbands and some decoration tips. So let’s get started!



Click here to get the free wristband pattern 🙂 


To make these armbands, you need

Fabric of your choice

Elastic – I am using 5mm wide elastic here, but any size should work.

Matching colour thread

Craft & Button thread (like this one)


And your sewing tools including a beading needle (I use the Beadalon Big Eye Needles for this project)    



How to Make Armbands


To start, measure the circumference of the middle of your upper arm.   Take your upper arm measurement, and cut 2 rectangles that are 11 cm or 4 ½ inches in width, and your upper arm measurement plus 1 cm or ½ inch in length.  


Armband Pattern


Fold the rectangle right sides together, and sew the long side with a 5mm or ¼ in seam allowance. Then turn it inside out. Repeat it for the other one.  


Making Armbands 1  

Then bring the seam in the middle, and flip it and fold over to match the short ends. Sew the short ends together with a 5mm or ¼ in seam allowance.  


Making Armbands 2   Making Armbands 3  

Now hold the elastic on your upper arm, and cut it where you feel it is tight enough. Sew the ends of the elastic together.  


Making Armbands 4  

Then mark 4 equally distributed points on the elastic, by folding it and folding it again. Mark the points with pins. Do the same with the armband, and mark the 4 points inside of the armband. Then match up the 4 points of the elastic to the inside of the armband.  


Just hand stitch the 4 points, and this inside elastic will hold up the armband well. This is a neat trick I learned from This site is an amazing resource for DIY belly dance costumes.  


Making Armbands 5  

Now take your strong thread (ie. Craft & Button thread) and a beading needle. I’m using a Beadalon beading needle with a big eye so I can use this thick, strong thread. Double the thread, and the length of the thread should be at least as long as the distance between the middle of your upper arm and your wrist plus 5cm or 2 inches, so you can create the dangling look.  


Start from the front side of your arm band, which is opposite from the seam, and fill up the string with beads. You can add different beads, make patterns, whatever you like. Make sure to try on the wristband and armband and see if you like the length and the look.  


Beading on Armbands Beading Gauntlets


If you think the beading is too much work, you can even substitute it with pretty ribbons,or even make simple straps with sequins. I made 2 strings of beads and attached a piece of ribbon with small beaded fringe that I used for my costume. It is similar to this one on Etsy.


And I connected the strings to the back of the wristband, because I like the way they look when I lift my arm.  


Be creative and have fun with it! I think these gauntlets look awesome and so pretty when your arms are moving graciously. You can choose not to add the strings between the wristbands and the armbands and just wear them individually as well. I decided to connect just one pair, and leave the other wristband separate. This would be a cute and easy way to create matching accessory for your troupes too.  


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