3 Best Places to Find Belly Dance Costume Ideas

3 best places to find belly dance costume ideas


I noticed one thing that’s very common among many belly dancers.


We, belly dancers, love taking photos of ourselves looking beautiful before performance.


We love taking photos of our handmade costumes.


Then we love sharing these photos on Facebook and Instagram.


We also love looking at everyone else’s photos! (How many like’s do you hit in a day? 😉 )


…I think we do this for 2 reasons:


Reason #1: We simply enjoy the aesthetics of belly dancing, belly dancers, costumes… and most importantly, our own beauty. (Though some of us may feel embarrassed to admit it… It’s a great thing! 🙂 Be proud of feeling beautiful!)


Reason #2: We’re always searching for beautiful ideas.


In fact, the top reason why people join Sparkly Belly’s Facebook group is because they want to find more costuming ideas! (more on this group later 😉 )


So here are 3 best places that I think will satisfy your cravings for belly dance costume ideas!


3 Best Places to Find Belly Dance Costume Ideas


1. Sparkly Belly’s Belly Dance Costume Catalogue

Sparkly Belly Belly Dance Costume Catalogue

In this catalogue, you can find 100+ DIY belly dance costume ideas, all neatly organized by topic 🙂


Mix and match your favourite styles from different sections like Bras, Skirts, Decoration… and create your own style!


Click here to check out the Belly Dance Costume Catalogue!



2. My Pinterest boards


If the Catalogue is not enough for you, check out thousands of belly dance costuming ideas I’ve saved over the years on my Pinterest boards!


I was using my Pinterest boards more for personal collections of ideas until recently… but I realized you might benefit from seeing these too! 😀


So I’ve been organizing my boards so that you can find costuming ideas by topics like “Belly Dance Mermaid Skirt Ideas“, “Swirly Belt Design Ideas“, “Pretty Appliques” etc.


The most popular board is this one, “DIY Belly Dance Costumes” 🙂



I keep updating these boards with new ideas, so don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! 😉


3. Sparkly Belly’s Facebook group


If you want to see costumes made by dancers or costumers like you, check out Sparkly Belly’s Facebook group!


I’m very proud of this community – you’ll find some of the most creative and supportive people in this group! I’m sure you’ll leave the group feeling inspired, and come back for more ideas! 🙂


Got questions specific to making a belly dance bra? Go ahead and post your question, and within a day, you’ll get helpful responses 🙂


It’s a great place to see how my tutorials worked for other people using different fabrics, decorations, styles etc.


Click here to check out the Facebook group!



So these are 3 best places to find belly dance costume ideas! These are places I visit on a daily basis so I get new ideas and stay inspired! 🙂


Excited about costuming ideas, but not sure where to start?


Join my free course, Belly Dance Costume Making 101, and you’ll know exactly what tools you need, and easy costuming pieces to try creating! 🙂


Click here to join Belly Dance Costume Making 101!


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😉


P.S. Remember to pin this image for when you need more ideas! 🙂

3 best places to find belly dance costume ideas


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