How a belly dancer with bra size 34F dresses up herself for shows

In our belly dance world, we celebrate femininity 🙂


In classes, we talk about loving our curves and jiggly shimmies.


…and many of us learn to appreciate our bodies as they are through belly dancing.


Yet before shows and haflas, we almost always struggle to find bras that fit our bra sizes or skirts that don’t create a muffin top at the waist.


Finding a perfectly-fitting costume seems impossible…


But despite this challenge, some dancers still manage to overcome their struggle AND even turn it into their passion.


Take Sarah, for example.


Sarah (an alias for privacy) is a mother of 2 children, living in a suburb in Europe.


Belly dancing is her passion. She’s not a professional dancer, but belly dancing has been her serious hobby for almost 8 years.


She dances at shows and haflas with her troupe, and she looks forward to the weekly practice.


Just like other belly dancers, she struggled with costuming. She went to the souk (or a bazaar) that the belly dance community puts on, and tried on costumes that the vendors were selling. But she could not find a costume that fit her 34F bra size.


She also searched online… to no avail. She considered fixing a costume that was a little small on her… but she was too afraid to rip all the beading apart.


So, she decided to make her own costume.


She had made school bags and some halloween costumes for her children before, and she was excited to try this new project.


Long story short, her first costume was a disaster.


No surprise… she didn’t have many instructions to follow!


But she still needed a costume, and there was no 34F belly dance bra that she liked out there.


Then, as she had determined to make her first bra, she found Sparkly Belly tutorials.


She was finally able to follow step-by-step instructions and make a bra that fit her and that she was proud of!


She quickly enrolled herself in Sparkly Belly’s Belly Dance Costume Workshop, which focuses on creating perfectly-fitting costumes from scratch based on your unique size.


Today Sarah makes costumes not only for herself, but for her troupe members and anyone that comes to her and says, “Help! I can’t find a bra that fits me!” She loves that she can change the reality for these dancers 🙂


While Sarah’s story is really amazing and inspiring, these results aren’t mysterious or uncommon.


The techniques she uses can be used by anyone who wants to create a perfectly-fitting costume that fits them perfectly. In fact, I’ve taught hundreds of dancers of all ages and body shapes, and have seen gorgeous costumes made by them… like these:


Royah Belly Dance Costume Workshop Royah Belly Dance Costume Workshop 2

Royah’s lovely handmade costumes (above)


Sherrie Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Sherrie’s beautiful faux assuit bedlah (above)


In the next post, I’m going to show you the common mistakes people make when trying to find or create costumes. I’ll also share with you a new approach to create a beautiful costume every time, WITHOUT fancy, advanced sewing skills.


Soon, you too will create your first perfectly-fitting costume that you can show off at your next hafla! 🙂 So stay tuned by signing up for the Sparkly Belly newsletter!


Can’t wait to get started?


And if you can’t wait to actually get started in making a well-fitting costume, I’ll be doing an exciting project next week. It’s called 5-day Create Your Own Mermaid Skirt Challenge!


5 day Create Your Own Mermaid Skirt ChallengeIn this FREE Challenge, I’ll send you an email with 1-3 doable action steps that you can follow every day for 5 days.


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If you struggle to sum up the courage to try a big project like skirt making, this is perfect for you! With step by step instructions and a gentle push, you’ll actually start AND finish a project 😉 Take a look!


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!

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