DIY Beaded Paisley Applique

DIY beaded paisley applique for belly dance costumes


In my last video, you saw how to make a heart shaped beaded applique.


And this week I want to share with you this paisley beaded applique. I love paisley designs, and they look great on costumes in every colour. Let’s get started!



Download the free paisley patterns here!


To make these paisley appliques, you need:

Felt – to use as a base. The base shows through, so match the colour with your beads.

Your favourite paisley patternyou can download my free paisley patterns in different sizes from here!

Your decoration pieces – I used size 10 black and gunmetal seed beads, copper round beads, light pink, shiny pink and copper sequins, rhinestone chain, feathers and a button


How to Make DIY Beaded Paisley Applique


  1. Trace a paisley pattern on your felt base. Again, you can download my free paisley patterns in different sizes from here!


Trace free paisley pattern


  1. Trace outline with sequins and seed beads using the twist line technique. Check this tutorial to learn this beading technique.


Sew on sequins and seed beads


I mixed the shiny pink and copper colour sequins to frame the applique. Take your time create a clean outline by following the line you traced. This really makes the final applique look clean and professional!


  1. Place the rhinestone chain along the beads. This is all I had, so I decided to make a design based on this shape. Sew it on.

Sew on rhinestone chain to paisley applique


  1. Add a button in the centre of the round section. If you have pretty buttons, they make beautiful decoration.


Sew on button to paisley applique


Then frame the button with light pink sequins and copper round beads. Take one sequin, add 2 beads and another sequin upside-down. Take your needle through the felt and come back up between the sequins and beads. Go through the last bead again and add 2 more beads and a sequin. Repeat.


Sew on sequins and beads in a flower motif


Sew on sequins and beads in a flower motif 2


I like layering sequins and beads, because it creates dimension and a professional touch. This creates a look where beads are floating over sequins in a flower shape.


  1. Fill the empty space with black seed beads and copper sequins. First, draw 8 equally spaced lines that radiates from the centre button.


Draw lines for sewing on seed beads


Following these lines, place a sequin on the outside and fill in with as many seed beads as you need to reach the centre piece. These lines help you place the beads evenly. Then fill in the empty space in between these lines the same way.


Fill in with seed beads and sequins beaded paisley applique


For the empty section at the top, sew on light pink sequins along the beads.


Sew on sequins to DIY paisley applique


Followed by copper colour sequins. Here, make sure to overlap each layer, so the sequins are resting on the seed beads, and this creates height and dimension.


Sew along the other edge with black seed beads and copper round beads.


Sew on sequins and beads to DIY paisley applique


Finally fill up the rest with shiny pink sequins and gunmetal seedbeads.


DIY beaded paisley applique


And that’s it! Cut along the outline and be careful not to cut any threads on the back. I attached a few feathers by sewing them on the back of the applique.


Attach them to costumes or make accessories with it, and have fun!


Tribal fusion style mermaid skirt with paisley appliques 2


If you’re curious about how to make this skirt with side opening and beautiful godets that I’m wearing, I have a course on this skirt coming up in the next few weeks! Click here to see more details 🙂


Tribal fusion style skirt with cut outs 2


Hope you liked this DIY, and if you did, please share it with your dancer and costumer friends.


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Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!


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DIY beaded paisley applique for belly dance costumes


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