DIY Drape Armband

DIY Drape Armband with Hourglass Belly Dance Dress


When I create a costume, I always think about making matching accessories.


That’s because matching accessories really complete the overall look. Often they turn a “homemade” looking costume into a professional one.


So in this video, you’ll see how to make this pretty drape armband that’s super easy to make, and you can make one to match any costume. Let’s get started!



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Click here to learn how to make the dress I’m wearing in the video!


To make this drape armband, you need:

Stretch fabric – This is used for the armband section. I’m using nude stretch fabric here. 8in (20cm) is plenty.

1in (2.5cm) wide elastic

Fabrics for drapes – I am adding 2 layers of different sizes for this armband. The large one is 12in x 18in (30cm x 45cm), and the small one is 8in x 12in (20cm x 30cm).

Drape Armband free pattern



DIY Drape Armband


First, wrap elastic around your upper arm and make it snug and tight. Give it extra 3/4in (2cm) and cut.


Then take your stretch fabric, and cut it into (the length of elastic + 3/4in (2cm)) x (the width of elastic x 2 + 3/4in (2cm)), and place it right side down.


Fold 3/8in (1cm) from the bottom edge towards the wrong side, and place the corner of your drape panels. About 3/4in (2cm) of the corners should be on the fabric.


Attach drapes to DIY drape armband


Both of these fabrics I used for the drape don’t fray, so I left the edges unfinished. If your fabric frays, finish the edges before you attach it to the armband.


Then fold 3/8in (1cm) from the top edge and bring that fold down to meet the bottom fold.


Fold to make armband with square drapes


Match up the folds and do a narrow zigzag stitch with a 1/8in (2mm) seam allowance.


Zigzag stitch drape armband


Next, insert the elastic through the tube with a safety pin.


Pull the ends of the elastic out and overlap them by 3/4in (2cm), and sew them together.


Belly dance drape armband DIY


Smooth out the fabric so that the ends are on the opposite side of the drapes, and overlap the ends. Fold the end that’s on top so it looks nice and clean. Do a straight stitch to secure the fabric in place.


Stitch armband so elastic doesn't roll inside


And decorate it as you like!


TIP: If your armband keeps falling, add a piece of thinner elastic that’s tighter. Attach it to the inside of the armband at 4 points. This will help hold up the armband, and because you add the elastic on the inside, your arm will appear smooth 🙂


Add elastic to armband that keeps falling


Now have fun dancing with a drape armband!


Hourglass Belly Dance Dress with drape armband DIY


Play around with the drapes too, because you can just use 1 layer or like I did, use multiple to match your costume. You can shape the fabrics differently like circular, triangle or square and create different expressions!


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Oh, and if you are curious about the dress I’m wearing, you can make your own! 


Check out how to make the dress here!


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😀


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DIY Drape Armband with Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

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      November 29, 2017 at 1:05 pm

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