DIY Lace Side Panel Mermaid Skirt (BDCW hack part 2)

DIY Lace side panel mermaid skirt color block BDCW hack


In my last post, we made a beautiful and classy DIY lace belly drape for your belly dance bra.


And in this post, we’ll create this matching colour block mermaid skirt skirt by hacking my favourite mermaid skirt pattern! Let’s get started!



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To make this color block mermaid skirt, you need:

1yd (1m) of stretch lace

1yd (1m) of stretch nude mesh – I like using powermesh for making dance skirts with.

1yd (1m) of stretch fabric

Mermaid skirt pattern – In this video, I’ll show you an easy hack for my Goddess Skirt pattern from my Belly Dance Costume Workshop. You can make yours tailored to your size at the link 😉

Pattern paper – any paper would do. I’m using leftover wrapping paper here.



DIY Lace Side Panel Mermaid Skirt


Begin by folding the pattern paper and your skirt pattern in half.


Then line up the folds which is the centres of your skirt pattern and pattern paper and trace the skirt pattern.


Trace BDCW mermaid skirt pattern


Mermaid skirt patterns come in many shapes, so see how you can hack your pattern by watching my example. I love this Goddess Skirt pattern because it’s a very simple and versatile 8-panel mermaid skirt and it’s easy to create colour blocks and variations.


BDCW Goddess Skirt


For this pattern, I created a notch where you attach a chiffon insert for the Goddess Skirt. But in this case, I measure 15 degrees here and extend the line. If you are using a different pattern, start the flare about 4in (10cm) above your knees (Learn why here).


Hack mermaid skirt pattern


Measure the length from the notch to the bottom, and measure it along the line you just drew. From that point, keep marking the measurement, and draw a nice curve to connect to the bottom.


How to hack a mermaid skirt pattern


Extend hem line for DIY mermaid skirt


Also smooth out the lines at the notch so that the line is a nice curve.


Smooth out lines for lace side panel mermaid skirt pattern


Cut the pattern along the line.


So as I said, this skirt has 8 panels. My plan is to make 2 solid panels in the front, 2 lace panels at the side, 2 solid panels at the back and 2 lace panels at the side. That means I’ll need 4 solid panels and 4 lace panels.


Lace side panel mermaid skirt DIY panel placement


Place the pattern on your stretch solid colour fabric, and cut out 4 panels.


Cut panels out for DIY side panel mermaid skirt


Also 4 of mesh and lace panels.


Take each set of the mesh and lace panels, and place them wrong sides together. And baste each set with a 1/4in (5mm) seam allowance along the sides and bottom edge. Leave the top edge separate so it will remain stretchy. By basting these 2 layers together, you can treat them as 1 layer. Do this for all 4 sets.


Baste stitch lace and nude mesh mermaid skirt panels


Sew together the solid panels and lace panels according to your skirt instructions. For this skirt, all you do is sew the side seams together at a 1/2in (1cm) seam allowance. And follow the order of 2 solid panels, 2 lace panels, 2 solid panels and 2 lace panels.


Sew mermaid skirt panels together


How to sew mermaid skirt panels together


Sew lace side panels for DIY mermaid skirt


How to sew lace side panels for DIY mermaid skirt


Sew lace side panels DIY color block mermaid skirt


DIY lace side panel mermaid skirt


Then finish up the top edge and the hem. If you use my Goddess Skirt pattern, this pattern fits anyone perfectly and doesn’t require an elastic waistband. You know an elastic waistband creates a muffin top and takes an extra step to create it, so I like to avoid it wherever I can!


Lace side panel mermaid skirt DIY


And now you have a color block mermaid skirt that matches your belly drape top! It’s a pretty simple costume, but the lace side panels and the beautiful edges created by lace make the costume look very sophisticated! If you want this Goddess Skirt pattern, check my Belly Dance Costume Workshop. The workshop enrolment is limited, so check it out now!


DIY lace side panel color block mermaid skirt


I didn’t decorate the costume so you can see how each part looks without decoration, but feel free to decorate it, and of course, you can change up the colours, textures and patterns for different panels and have fun hacking your mermaid skirt pattern!


Hope this DIY lace side panel mermaid skirt sparked ideas in your head, and if it did, please share this post with your dancer and costumer friends!


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Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😀


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DIY lace side panel color block mermaid skirt hack


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