High Quality & More Affordable!? Star Bright Rhinestones Review

Star Bright rhinestones review for dance costume making


A few months ago I did a review on Swarovski’s shimmer effect rhinestone series, which was initially introduced to me by Alisa at Har-Man Importing.


And last month, she sent me another new line of rhinestones, called Star Bright. Thanks, Alisa!



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Star Bright is an Austrian Crystal collection, and Har-Man website says “affordable luxury”. Before receiving these rhinestones, I was a little skeptical about the quality because my previous experience with affordable or more inexpensive rhinestones was okay, usually inconsistent. You get what you pay for.


So when I opened the package, I was very happy to see the great shine, and each rhinestones are cut cleanly and consistently. No chips or scratches on the front or the back.


Star Bright rhinestones consistent back


The collection has flatback, hot fix and sew-on in a good selection of sizes. Hot fix and sew-on are only available in very basic colours, but flatback, which I use more often, has a rainbow of colours to choose from!


Star Bright rhinestones color variation


Just like Swarovski, Star Bright rhinestones are lead free, which makes me feel better about using them. 😀


Here is a comparison of Swarovski and Star Bright crystals.


Swarovski vs Star Bright rhinestones comparison


What do you think? 🙂


I can’t tell much difference from a distance. When I look very closely, the cut of the Swarovski rhinestone looks sharper, and the crystal itself looks clearer and deeper, but it may be because of the differences in design. I’m no expert in crystals, but that’s my observation with naked eyes.


So what’s the price? As of today, for Star Bright ss20 flatback rhinestones, it’s $62.30 for 1,440 pieces crystal AB. Just to compare, Swarovski 2088 xirius, which is flatback rhinestones, $87.31 for the same amount. So Star Bright is more economical especially if you make costumes and need a lot of rhinestones. Har-Man Importing is a wholesaler, so that’s why the amount is this big, and you get access to good pricing.


Star Bright rhinestones



I wish Star Bright had more shape or colour options for sew-on rhinestones, but their current collection covers the basis. In fact, I already ordered some for my upcoming projects 😀


If you’re interested in buying Star Bright rhinestones, they are exclusively distributed by Har-Man Importing, and their website is harmanbeads.com/starbright. They do have a minimum order policy, but Alisa told me that they can accept as low as a $50 minimum order, and they work with non-business customers as well. So if you’re curious but not a business owner, I suggest you still contact them and see if you can get the same deals!


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Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😉


P.S. Save this image for when you need rhinestones in the future 😀

Star Bright rhinestones review


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