Look at these sparkly swirly creations!

Swirly Belt Showcase - sparkly belly


Can I brag for a moment? 😉


One of my absolute favourite moments of running Sparkly Belly is when I see costumes that everyone created based on my tutorials and courses.


When people share their photos with me via email or in Sparkly Belly’s FB group, they totally make my day! After running this website for almost 3 years, these photos still make me tear up 🙂 They remind me of why I do what I do.


So the other day I was curating photos of Swirly Belts that everyone created.


And I was mesmerized by these creations.


I love Swirly Belt – it’s one of my courses (available here), and because it’s so beautiful yet quite simple to make, it has become the most popular course 🙂


What I love about it is that most people use the patterns provided in the course, but they can still add their own personality to the costume, making each one really unique and gorgeous!


And I’m so proud of every Swirly Belt and every creator 🙂


So today I wanted to share with you some of these creations.


Swirly Belt Showcase


First up, Sally Hedley (Instructor (Chico, CA))’s gorgeous creations:


Sally Hedley

Sally Hedley


I particularly love how she placed matching Swirly appliques to the bottom half of her bras!


Sally says, “Since the beginning I have created costumes but your tutorials have helped me take my creations to a more sophisticated level. The swirly belt patterns and tutorials have been so wonderful and my favorite projects so far. 

I enjoyed the process and was so grateful for your hard work to source the materials and create an easy to follow instructions. “


Next, Donna’s colourful creations:


Donna Swirly Belt

Donna’s pink Swirly Belt and matching appliques really pop! Such a great way to pick up a colour from the printed fabric and highlight it! I also love the various shades of green happening in the costume in the back too.


Next, a lovely pair of matching costumes by Amanda!

Amanda Swirly Belt

How gorgeous! The nude colour canvas is perfect for highlighting red swirly design. Simple, but appears sophisticated 😀


Next one is created by Angela, who says “I never imagined I could make something like this.” 🙂


Angela Swirly Belt


How exciting is that!? This looks like something that was created by a seasoned costumer, doesn’t it?


She also says in the comment, “It really was kind of easy once I gathered all materials. It’s a great tutorial, step by step.”


Next, I’m excited to show you this cute duo:

Denetta's daughters swirly belt


Their mom, Denetta, shared this photo with me. She said her daughter on the left created her own and most of her sister’s! 😀


Swirly Belt is very beginner-friendly, because the project doesn’t require sewing machine or advanced sewing skills. If you can sew by hand, you can do it 😉


Last but not least, I want to share with you Jennifer’s Swirly Belt with her original design:


Jennifer Swirly BeltIsn’t her design super cool!? 😀 Really unique, mysterious, and gorgeous!!


If you are a creative designer, you can develop your own Swirly Belt design like Jennifer did too 🙂


There are many more examples, but I’ll stop here for today. Big thanks to Sally, Donna, Amanda, Angela, Denetta and Jennifer for sharing all your lovely creations and inspiring us!


I’m really in love with all these Swirly Belts, and it’s so cool to see how Swirly Belt and matching appliques are all you need to turn a simple costume into a sophisticated, professional looking costume!


I hope this Swirly Belt Showcase sparked ideas for your next costume project! 😀 Want to make your own?


Check out the Swirly Belt course from here!


Swirly Belt - Sparkly Belly Premium Course

Swirly Belt & Applique premium course


If you got inspired by this post, please share it with your dancer friends. 🙂


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😀


P.S. Pin this for inspiration for your future costumes!

Swirly Belt Showcase - sparkly belly



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