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Swirly Belt Showcase - sparkly belly

Look at these sparkly swirly creations!

  Can I brag for a moment? 😉   One of my absolute favourite moments of running Sparkly Belly is when I see costumes that everyone created based on my tutorials and courses.   When people share their photos with me via email or in Sparkly Belly’s FB group, they totally make my day! After running this website for almost… Read more →

Caftan open front cover-up with pockets DIY

DIY Caftan style Open Front Cover-Up (with pockets!)

  As a belly dancer, it’s important to wear a cover-up before and after performance so you make a great impact when you’re in your magical costume on stage. 🙂   I did a Caftan inspired cover-up tutorial a while ago, but I wanted to make one that opens in the front. It makes more sense especially when you are… Read more →

Decorate on Stretch Waistband

How to Decorate on Stretch Waistband / Stretch Fabric

  I like belly dance costumes that have decorations sewn onto the skirt. 🙂   For this type of skirt, you don’t have to wear a separate belt, which can be more comfortable for some of you. At least for me – less opportunity for costume malfunction 😉   But how do you sew decorations to the stretch waistband of… Read more →

belly dance costuming tips with Zahra Zuhair

Belly Dance Costuming Tips with Zahra Zuhair!

  I’m so excited to publish this post today, because…   I have one of my all time favourite belly dancers, Zahra Zuhair, on Sparkly Belly!!!   A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon her YouTube videos where she was talking about creating your own signature style of dancing, which was really, really good and helpful. So I immediately… Read more →