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Decorate on Stretch Waistband

How to Decorate on Stretch Waistband / Stretch Fabric

  I like belly dance costumes that have decorations sewn onto the skirt. 🙂   For this type of skirt, you don’t have to wear a separate belt, which can be more comfortable for some of you. At least for me – less opportunity for costume malfunction 😉   But how do you sew decorations to the stretch waistband of… Read more →

Inside BDCW - Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Inside the Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Last week I announced that the enrolment to my online Belly Dance Costume Workshop (BDCW) is opening on May 22, 2016.   I’ve been receiving messages and questions from excited dancers 🙂 If you have questions about the workshop, feel free to email me at mao@sparklybelly.com. I’m happy to answer your questions, and it’s great to know what you are… Read more →

BDCW Belly Dance Costume Workshop

3 Big Announcements (hint: first-ever… scholarship!)

  The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to think about costumes for summer performances!   Or in you’re in the southern hemisphere, think about winter holiday performances 😉   Either way, now is a good time to start making costumes for the upcoming season.   So in that spirit, I have 3 big announcements for you today.  … Read more →

Alia silver mermaid skirt

Sparkly Holiday Costume Showcase 2015

Merry Christmas!   I hope you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones.   I’m just finishing up the last bit of work here then heading off to my fiance’s parents’ place for dinner. It’ll be a good time 🙂   Before I go, I want to quickly share with you some photos.   I often receive photos of beautiful… Read more →

Best of Sparkly Belly 2015

Since it’s nearing the end of this year, my fiance Navid and I went for a nice dinner together last weekend to chat about our achievements from this year.   We did this last year too, and these dinners are great opportunities to reflect on what we love doing, what and whom we appreciate in life, and how fortunate we… Read more →

Apply applique to costume bra

A Sneak Peek at the Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Want to finally learn how to sew?   And make your own costumes?   And save money?   If you said yes to any of the above, you are in the right place! 🙂     The #1 Costume Challenge   I’ve been sharing my DIY belly dance costume tutorials for a while now, and during this time, I have… Read more →

How to Fit your Belly Dance Skirt

How to Fit your Belly Dance Skirt

  Got a dance skirt that keeps on falling?   After I posted the 5-panel mermaid skirt DIY, the #1 question has been whether I put a waistband or elastic casing at the top of my mermaid skirt. My answer is generally no, because elastic casing tends to gather fabric around the waist, and if you plan on not wearing a… Read more →

How to Make a Modesty Panel Insert for Belly Dance Skirts

How to Make a Modesty Panel / Insert for Belly Dance Skirts

  Have you got a skirt with a slit that’s a bit too revealing?   I find it frustrating to have to dance worrying about how much of my legs the audience may see. I’d rather feel free to move around on the stage 🙂   And here’s the solution to the problem!   In this video, you will see how… Read more →

How to Sew a Curly Fishing Line Lettuce Hem

How to Sew a Curly Lettuce Hem with Fishing Line

  Sewing takes patience, and I’m not the most patient person when it comes to costume making. I always look for ways to cut corners and still achieve the same results, and I love when performing 1 task achieves more than 1 result.   This lettuce hem technique is one that hems your skirt AND creates the curly, ruffly effect at… Read more →

How to Make Cut Outs on Skirts

How to Make Cut Outs on Skirts

  Decorative cut outs on costume skirts create such a fancy and unique look.   And even though these cut outs make your costume look professional, they are pretty easy to make!   In this video, you will see how to make these small cut outs and still keep your skirt nice and sturdy.     Sign up for the… Read more →