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3 Tricks for sewing stretch fabrics and avoiding uneven skirt hem

3 tricks for sewing stretch fabrics (& avoiding uneven skirt hem!)

Want to make this lovely grey skirt? Learn here!   For making dance costumes, stretch fabric is essential – it helps us create fitted costumes and gives the flexibility we need for when we move around and dance in it. 🙂   So I have a lot of tutorials where you use stretch fabrics – like this mermaid skirt, Goddess… Read more →

Decorate on Stretch Waistband

How to Decorate on Stretch Waistband / Stretch Fabric

  I like belly dance costumes that have decorations sewn onto the skirt. 🙂   For this type of skirt, you don’t have to wear a separate belt, which can be more comfortable for some of you. At least for me – less opportunity for costume malfunction 😉   But how do you sew decorations to the stretch waistband of… Read more →

DIY Crop Top for dance practice, yoga and workout!

DIY Crop Top for dance practice, yoga, and workout!

  Fun practice wear makes your practice even more fun!   Here is a DIY crop top perfect for dance practice, yoga or workout, this spring and summer. In this video, you’ll see how to make this crop top with cute decorative knots at the back. So let’s get started!     Click here to sign up for the Sparkly Belly… Read more →