The easiest test to pick the right bra for Dina Bra making

Over the last few days, we’ve discussed how you can finally have a Dina Bra that fits and works for YOUR body.


I shared with you my story of buying the worst fitting Dina Bra costume and 3 big problems of pre-made Dina Bra bases which many people fall for….when they don’t even need a pre-made base!


It was only after I made ALL of the above mistakes I realized I was just looking for shortcuts, because I had no idea how Dina Bras could be made.


But once I figured out I was wasting time and money looking for the “right” Dina Bra which never existed, everything changed.


I realized you can take a regular bra and turn it into a Dina Bra that fits you well!


Once I mastered this method, I became able to make custom Dina Bras as I like, and even adjust the shape and coverage as I please! And a well-fitting Dina Bra turns even a simple costume into a professional-looking, edgy costume!


The EASIEST technique for picking the right base bra


Although I was clear that I wanted to make my own Dina Bra base, I didn’t know how.


First, I had to pick the right kind of base bra…. because a base bra really determines how good your finished bra is going to be.


HOW could I make sure the base bra I’m picking would be sturdy enough every time?


I went to stores and compared bras from different brands. I compared different styles.


After testing all sorts of bras, one simple test worked consistently for finding a sturdy bra for making a Dina Bra.


I call it the Smartphone Test. 🙂


Thanks to this easy test, I can always check if a bra would make a good base for making Dina Bras. It’s worked not just for me, but many other dancers that I shared it with.


Using the Smartphone Test, you can pick the right bra, and shaping it and covering it with fabric is much easier. Here are some results from my students:


Na’Imah’s sparkly dress with her very own Dina Bra!

Na'Imah Dina Bra Na'Imah Dina Bra


Susanne’s cute baladi outfit featuring a perfectly-fitting Dina Bra!

Susanne Nahm - Dina Bra



Na’Imah above says, “[The costume is] officially one of my most comfy costumes! I will never buy another bra form again”


And to create beautiful & well-fitting Dina Bras like ones Na’Imah and Susanne made, you need a good, sturdy bra to start with.


So let me show you how the Smartphone Test helps you find the perfect base bra!


The Smartphone Test


So here’s how you can evaluate your bras with the Smartphone Test.


Step 1. Place your bra on a flat surface


Simply place your bra on a flat surface, and hold the underwire of one of the bra cups down so the bra is not going anywhere.


Smartphone Test step 1 Dina Bra


Step 2. Place your smartphone on the bra cup


Take your smartphone and gently place it on the bra cup.


Smartphone Test step 2 Dina Bra


Step 3. Observe the bra cup shape


Did the bra cup collapse flat? If so, the bra cup is too weak to be a belly dance costume.


Smartphone Test step 3 fail Dina Bra


Is the bra cup keeping its shape? Great! This bra passes the Smartphone Test, and can be used as a Dina Bra base. 🙂


Smartphone Test step 3 pass Dina Bra



As you can see, this test is super easy. You can just grab one of your bras and try it right now. 🙂


But it eliminates your doubt of “is this bra sturdy enough?” and you can pick a base bra with confidence!


The best part about this test is, this is applicable for making not just Dina Bra, but any type of belly dance bra!


Go ahead, and try it on the bras you have! 🙂


And now that you know how to select a base bra that is sturdy enough, you’re ready to start creating a Dina Bra!


Of course, there are more steps to creating a Dina Bra that fits well. Once you pick a base bra, you may have other questions like,

  • How do I shape this bra into a Dina Bra?
  • I don’t think there’s a bra that would pass the Smartphone test for my size…?
  • How do I cover the bra smoothly (without darts or gathering), like designers do?


If you’re interested in finding out step-by-step instructions to these answers, I have good news!


I’ve put together my step-by-step Dina Bra making method into 1 single course. It’s called, Dina Bra from Scratch! 🙂


The Smartphone Test is only one small part of the Dina Bra making method that helps you create a Dina Bra that fits you perfectly, and I’m thrilled to share it all in detail in this course!


The course is open for enrolment, and it’s perfect if you’ve always wanted a Dina Bra but never found one that fits!


Susanne, the Dina Bra from Scratch student who made the cute Dina Bra costume above, said,


“I loved your instructions, everything was very clear and I really appreciated the detailed step by step instructions – so helpful. And the end result was a super comfy Dina bra that fit perfectly. …It really worked for me!!!”


Since you came along with this Dina Bra journey with me, I’d love to invite you to check out the course!


Click here to learn more about Dina Bra from Scratch!


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Be sure to check out the limited time promotion too! 😉


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!


P.S. I’m very excited about a whole new section which I added to Dina Bra from Scratch recently! It’s packed with detailed instructions on common belly dance bra problems like:


  • What to do if you can’t find a bra for your size that passes the Smartphone Test
  • What shoulder strap styles to try if halterneck gives you a headache
  • How to make bra cup coverage larger (yes, it’s possible!)


…and lots more! Click here to learn more about the course 🙂


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