Time Lapse: Hourglass Belly Dance Dress Making

Time Lapse 2 - Hourglass Belly Dance Dress


This dress project was born inside of my head about a year ago.


On Sparkly Belly’s Facebook group, one image of a belly dance dress was shared, and many people were liking it.


When I see a popular style, I have to re-create it! 😀


So here’s what happened:



Learn how to make this dress step by step here!


This dress took me about 16 hours to make, which is pretty quick for a belly dance costume!


But that’s ONLY because I spent about 4 months testing patterns and prototypes over and over again. This project really gave me the opportunity to study pattern making and costume making more!


So here’s what made this project quick:


+I had the whole process planned out ahead of time (you can learn it here!)


+I used lace for side panels, which added a visual interest to the overall dress. This means that I didn’t have to decorate the dress heavily because the intricate design of the lace already made the dress look “busy”.


+I made appliques out of sequined lace, instead of making them from scratch (see around 2:05 of the video).


+I glued on most of the rhinestones 🙂


And I am happy to announce that I’ve polished this dress making method (which took 4 months to develop) and put it together as a premium course (which took another 4 months!) 😀


So you don’t have to spend months trying to figure this stuff out 😉


Check out the course here!


Did I tell you that you’ll get another style in the course? It’s like 2 courses in 1 🙂


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!


P.S. Like the music? It was created by my fiance, Navid Goldrick “Azadim – we’re free” (Available on CD baby here)


  2 comments for “Time Lapse: Hourglass Belly Dance Dress Making

  1. Amar
    November 18, 2017 at 9:52 am

    I just love what you’ve done! I’m in the middle of a major move and it’s killing me that I can’t jump on this now! It looks fantastic!

    • Mao
      November 20, 2017 at 10:43 am

      Thank you so much, Amar! 😀 Good luck with your move, and give this project a try once you settle! 🙂

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