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DIY Belly Dance Costumes


No costume off the rack fits well?


Struggling to find a belly dance bra top that fits your unique size?


Do your DIY costumes look “homemade” or “amateur-ish”?


If you said yes, you’re in the right place!


Here are some of the best Sparkly Belly posts and tutorials that will solve your costuming problems 🙂



Want to learn how to sew and make more costuming bits?

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“I gave up hope of sewing until I saw your sewing DIY.”

– a Sparkly Belly subscriber



Don’t know how to sew? No problem!

No-sew DIY’s

DIY tribal overskirt hip skirt with side ruffles Cowl Neck Top DIY DIY Turkish Vest for belly dance - sew & no sew DIY 10 minute no sew ruffle skirt



Want a better fit? Need a bit more coverage?

Perfectly Fitting Costume series

10 ways to make belly dance bra work 3 Perfectly Fitting Belt Tips 2 Easy Fixes for Loose Skirt



Want to make a skirt that is tailored to your size?

DIY Belly Dance Skirts


How to Make a Mermaid Skirt Pattern How to Make a Circle Skirt and Circle Skirt Pattern




Looking for an easy dress for your folk pieces?

DIY Baladi Dress

DIY Baladi Dress Saidi Dress



Getting ready for family-friendly performance?

Adding Modesty to Your Costumes

Add more coverage to bra, belly and skirt How to Make a Modesty Panel Insert for Belly Dance Skirts DIY Belly Dance Body Stockings Belly Stocking









“I love all your hard work to make it easier for the rest of us to make beautiful costumes! : )”

-Carol, a Sparkly Belly subscriber & workshop participant



Done with the “homemade” look?

Create professional, designer-looking costumes!

Belly Dance Costume Workshop Swirly Belt - Sparkly Belly Premium Course



Business of Belly Dance


Curious about starting your own blog/website?


Do you feel like you need to build an “online presence” but not sure where to start?


These posts will make the “business” aspect of belly dance easier and more fun! 🙂


Become a Professional Belly Dancer - Business of Belly Dance Make a Website in 4 Steps for Dancers BELLY DANCER Online Marketing Case Studies




Hope this list helps you get started!


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I love hearing Sparkly Belly readers’ stories, and many of the posts here are requested or inspired by these stories. I read and respond to each one of emails I receive. So if you want to share your costuming stories or challenges you’re facing, write to me 🙂


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