Alia silver mermaid skirt

How to Make a Costume that Fits Without Advanced Sewing Skills

So this week, we’ve been on a big journey to figure out how to outfit you in a beautiful, perfectly-fitting costume…   …so that you’ll walk on a stage at that special show you are working towards… and feel, “I’ve arrived… now watch me!” 😀   We’ve seen that many people are afraid of costume making because they believe that… Read more →

Common traps when belly dance costume hunting

3 Common Traps to Avoid When Belly Dance Costume Hunting

As belly dancers, we all want to get up on stage in a perfectly-fitting costume that makes us feel, “I’ve arrived…. Now watch me!”   In my last post, we’ve seen that this is possible – you’ve heard about Sarah’s transformation from not being proud of her first costume to outfitting herself AND making costumes for other dancers who can’t… Read more →

Perky Ruffle mermaid skirt with Swirly Belt

How a belly dancer with bra size 34F dresses up herself for shows

In our belly dance world, we celebrate femininity 🙂   In classes, we talk about loving our curves and jiggly shimmies.   …and many of us learn to appreciate our bodies as they are through belly dancing.   Yet before shows and haflas, we almost always struggle to find bras that fit our bra sizes or skirts that don’t create… Read more →

3 best places to find belly dance costume ideas

3 Best Places to Find Belly Dance Costume Ideas

  I noticed one thing that’s very common among many belly dancers.   We, belly dancers, love taking photos of ourselves looking beautiful before performance.   We love taking photos of our handmade costumes.   Then we love sharing these photos on Facebook and Instagram.   We also love looking at everyone else’s photos! (How many like’s do you hit… Read more →

DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle belly dance

DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle

  In my last post, I showed you how to make a drape armband that matches your costume.   It is very important to have a matching accessory, because it really balances out your entire outfit and completes it!   Here’s another matching accessory idea which I call Sparkly Chunky Bangle! 😀   In recent years this type of thick,… Read more →

DIY Drape Armband with Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

DIY Drape Armband

  When I create a costume, I always think about making matching accessories.   That’s because matching accessories really complete the overall look. Often they turn a “homemade” looking costume into a professional one.   So in this video, you’ll see how to make this pretty drape armband that’s super easy to make, and you can make one to match… Read more →

Time Lapse 2 - Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

Time Lapse: Hourglass Belly Dance Dress Making

  This dress project was born inside of my head about a year ago.   On Sparkly Belly’s Facebook group, one image of a belly dance dress was shared, and many people were liking it.   When I see a popular style, I have to re-create it! 😀   So here’s what happened:     Learn how to make this… Read more →

how to avoid sore fingers while hand sewing

How to avoid sore fingers while hand sewing costumes

One of my least favourite things about costume making is getting sore fingers 🙁   So I use my sewing machine for most part, but I usually do these things by hand: Attaching straps to bra cups – because feeding bra cups through a sewing machine can be tricky. Securing fabric to cover bras – because I don’t want stitches… Read more →

The Bellydance Bundle Review

The Bellydance Bundle Review!

  Finally! The Bellydance Bundle is on sale NOW!   Click here to buy the Bellydance Bundle! (available until Oct 8, 2017)   I’ve been talking about this project for a while now, and I’m really excited that it’s finally LIVE. 😀   It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to check out 21 of the best online belly dance resources… Read more →