Hourglass Belly Dance Dress Showcase

5 Beautiful Belly Dance Dress Design Ideas!

  As you become a more seasoned and mature dancer, it’s only natural that you want more coverage over your skin.   Or you’ve got a more conservative audience that may appreciate more coverage for dancers.   Or you simply feel more comfortable with more coverage. Many of us do. 🙂   So a beautiful, well-fitting one-piece belly dance dress… Read more →

6 Pretty Ways to Hide Upper Arms for Dancers

6 Pretty Ways to Hide Upper Arms for Dancers

  What body parts do you care about the most when you dress for performance? 🙂   One of the most concerning body parts for many dancers is upper arms.   I often hear comments like, “I want to hide my flabby upper arms!”   But the common solutions for hiding upper arms like wearing a black long sleeve shirt… Read more →

24 ways to wear a hip scarf belly dance costuming

24 Ways to Wear a Hip Scarf – belly dance easy costuming!

  Every belly dancer has a hip scarf…. or two…. or 100 🙂   So I thought it would be really awesome if we can make more out of all these hip scarves we own!   As I was brainstorming how a belly dancer could wear a hip scarf, I realized something amazing….   A hip scarf can become not… Read more →

7 Biggest Belly Dance Belt Mistakes

7 Biggest Belly Dance Belt Mistakes I Made (and You Should Avoid!)

  As belly dancers, costumes are very important for our performances, and most of us would love to have new, well-fitting costumes for our next show.   We’ve seen that we CAN have new, well-fitting costumes for shows, and how it affects dancers’ confidence level and appearance. I’ve shared how I was so inspired by the dancers in my group… Read more →

How not to dress for your next belly dance performance

How NOT to Dress for Your Next Belly Dance Performance

  How many of us want a new, beautiful costume to wear for the next show…but when the next show comes, end up pulling out the same old costume that looks and feels just okay?   …or worse, it feels awful but that’s all you have to wear?   Well, the other day, I received an email from a belly… Read more →

How to be a more confident dancer

How to be a More Confident Dancer – new & unconventional method

  Do you get butterflies in your stomach before performance? 😨   I think most dancers do, even experienced people too. Some people may get a little nervous, but other people may get sweaty hands, shaky legs ….or even start to panic before getting on stage!   Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.   So today’s post is a little… Read more →