how to avoid sore fingers while hand sewing

How to avoid sore fingers while hand sewing costumes

One of my least favourite things about costume making is getting sore fingers 🙁   So I use my sewing machine for most part, but I usually do these things by hand: Attaching straps to bra cups – because feeding bra cups through a sewing machine can be tricky. Securing fabric to cover bras – because I don’t want stitches… Read more →

The Bellydance Bundle Review

The Bellydance Bundle Review!

  Finally! The Bellydance Bundle is on sale NOW!   Click here to buy the Bellydance Bundle! (available until Oct 8, 2017)   I’ve been talking about this project for a while now, and I’m really excited that it’s finally LIVE. 😀   It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to check out 21 of the best online belly dance resources… Read more →

How to protect your choreography online

How to protect your choreography online

  Welcome to the last post of Business of Belly Dance Series Part 2!   In my last post, I shared my tips on video making for dancers and focused on the technical aspect of video making like camera, lighting and your on-camera personality.   In today’s post, I want to talk about protecting your copyright and choreography online.  … Read more →

Online Video Making Guide for Belly Dancers

Online Video Making Guide for Belly Dancers

  Welcome back to the Business of Belly Dance series Part 2!   Last week Georgia shared with us a really comprehensive guide to hosting events with celebrity dancers. If you missed it, check it out here.   In the guide, she mentioned you should have a photographer/videographer record your events.   This is really important for many reasons:  … Read more →

Swirly Belt Showcase - sparkly belly

Look at these sparkly swirly creations!

  Can I brag for a moment? 😉   One of my absolute favourite moments of running Sparkly Belly is when I see costumes that everyone created based on my tutorials and courses.   When people share their photos with me via email or in Sparkly Belly’s FB group, they totally make my day! After running this website for almost… Read more →

DIY Fringe Hip Scarf bellydance

DIY Fringe Hip Scarf for Belly Dance

  As a belly dancer, you can’t have enough hip scarves. They are great for practice and of course for easy costuming!   So today I want to go back to basics and create this cute and simple fringe hip scarf. Let’s get started! 😀     Click here to sign up for my FREE email course Belly Dance Costume… Read more →

How to find time for sewing

A simple technique to find time for sewing (or anything!)

  One of the most common costume making problems I hear from Sparkly Belly readers is actually not related to costume making at all. It’s about finding time to sew.   When I share my costume tutorials, I often get comments like, “I love this! But first I have to find time to sew….” The other day, I saw a… Read more →