What Type of Belly Dancer Are You?

Your costuming should be an expression of who you are.   So what is your belly dancer personality?   Take this short test below and find out what type of belly dancer you are! You’ll get costuming advice and tutorials perfect for your belly dancer personality at the end! 😀 Read more →

Are you Multilingual?

Do you speak a language other than English?   And do you want to help other dancers?   One of the requests I’ve been getting – especially on my YouTube channel – is providing subtitles for my Sparkly Belly tutorial videos.   But I speak Japanese and English only, and requested languages have usually been other languages like Spanish, Portuguese,… Read more →

DIY Turkish Vest for belly dance - sew & no sew

DIY Turkish vest (sew & no-sew!) – Thrifty Belly ep 2

I like DIY’s using T-shirts.   They are easy and cheap to get, and because they are simple, you can do so much with them 😀   In the first episode of Thrifty Belly, we made an off-shoulder peasant crop top out of an old t-shirt. I paired the top with a DIY Turkish vest also made from a t-shirt.… Read more →

DIY peasant crop top off shoulder - thrifty belly

DIY Off the Shoulder Peasant Crop Top – Thrifty Belly ep1

  Welcome to Thrifty Belly Episode 1! 😀   Thrifty Belly is a new series we’re starting today where I take old clothes or thrift store finds and transform them into dance costumes.   I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do practice wear, and today we’ll take an old oversized t-shirt and transform it into this cute, off-the-shoulder… Read more →

3 DIY ideas to spice up your old costumes

3 ways to spice up your old costume – Your Sparkly Wardrobe Week 2

  Welcome back to Your Sparkly Wardrobe Project! 😀   Your Sparkly Wardrobe Project is a collaboration project I’m doing with a lovely dancer Mahin, she’s got a ton of experience and knowledge in belly dancing. And we are taking turns each week to show you how to make the most out of your belly dance costume wardrobe and give… Read more →

Katalin Schafer costume

Inspiring costuming work of…Katalin Schafer!

I love people who turn their love into their living… so I had to approach Katalin Schafer when I had the opportunity.   Last March, Katalin was visiting Vancouver for workshops, and I had an opportunity to chat with her about her costume design work.   You may know Katalin as a gorgeous, talented belly dancer or a costume designer….… Read more →