DIY Golden Era Belly Dance Belt

Are you in love with the glamour and fun of the Golden Era belly dance? Well, I am! I’ve been working on my upcoming course on Advanced Circle Skirts which includes this romantic, Golden Era inspired high slit circle skirt, which I’m super excited about! And I wanted to make a simplified version of a Golden Era style belly dance… Read more →

DIY 1 HOUR Belly Dance Costume Challenge! – Part 1: Bra Top

Have you been in a situation where you need a last-minute costume but can’t find anything suitable in your wardrobe? Or where you need a costume in a specific color for a specific show but you KNOW you won’t use it again, so you can’t justify spending lots of money or time creating that costume? Well, I think many of… Read more →

DIY adjustable waistband with buttonhole elastic for circle skirts

Make an Adjustable Waistband with DIY Buttonhole Elastic

Circle skirts are some of the most versatile skirt choices for us belly dancers 🙂 But there’s one little problem. They come with elastic waistbands. If the waistband is too tight, it will create muffin top. If it’s too loose, the skirt moves around up and down, side to side. But our bodies go through size changes all the time…are… Read more →

DIY Fishtail Mermaid Skirt with Train for Belly Dance, Halloween & Festivals

The last of the Mermaid Costume series is this beautiful fishtail mermaid skirt! 🙂 Last 2 weeks, we made the mermaid shell bra top and the curly seaweed armband! And today we’ll complete the costume with this fishtail mermaid skirt with a little train. It’s pretty simple to make, yet looks pretty impressive when it’s finished. Let’s get started! Click… Read more →

DIY Seaweed Armband for Mermaid Costume

Last week I shared with you how to make the DIY floating mermaid seashell bra top, which was a really fun project! And today, I want to make this armband that looks like curly seaweed to accessorize our mermaid costume. It’s so fun and easy! Let’s get started! Click here to sign up for the newsletter (+ BONUS: get access… Read more →

DIY Floating Mermaid Shell Bra Top for Belly Dance & Festivals!

This month I’ve decided to make a 2-piece mermaid costume! It’s perfect for a fun summer belly dance performance, but it’s also great for parties, festivals and halloween 😀 In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make this really pretty, floating seashell bra top. Let’s get started! Click here to sign up for the Sparkly Belly newsletter and get… Read more →

DIY Long Sleeve Thumbhole Shrug

Last week I launched my brand new Mirage Bodystocking premium course, which many of you already joined! Thank you! 🙂 And someone asked how they can make an arm accessory that matches their colored bodystocking, so that the bodystocking doesn’t look out of place. What a fantastic idea! With matching accessories, you can make the bodystocking look like part of… Read more →

DIY Embellished Tights / Leggings

If you like dancing in a skirt with slits, why not glam up your legs too! 😉 This type of sparkly leggings aren’t just reserved for expensive designer costumes. You can create this look yourself! In this video, you can see how to create these embellished tights and leggings. Let’s get started! Click here to make your own bodystocking with… Read more →