Easy Fix for gaping belly dance bra cups

Easy Fix for Gaping Belly Dance Bra Cups!

  Struggling with belly dance bras gaping at the top?   Your bra looked fine before you got on stage….but you’ve got gaping bra cups by the time you finish your performance.   Gaping bra cups is one of very, very common bra problems.   The worst part of it is that it really takes your audience’s attention away from… Read more →

DIY Sparkly Swirly Armband- belly dance, ballroom jewelry

DIY Sparkly Swirly Armband – belly dance, ballroom jewelry

  I often look at different dance costume designs other than belly dancing to get new ideas that I can bring to the belly dance world.   And I’m in love with ballroom jewelry 😀   They’re really sparkly and gorgeous, but the problem is, I can’t find any tutorials on how to make them!   So I made my… Read more →

Bellydance Bundle 2019 inside

Have a look inside the Bellydance Bundle 2019!

  As you probably know, the Bellydance Bundle 2019 sale went live a couple of days ago, and I’m so excited to see lots of people are reporting on social media that they’ve already joined! 🙂   This year’s Bellydance Bundle is really AMAZING – it comes with 22 online courses by belly dance instructors with various various expertise! And… Read more →

6 belly dance costuming tips for zill performance with sahira

6 Belly Dance Costuming Tips for Zill Performance by Sahira

  Got a zill performance coming up?   How do YOU decide which costume to wear for your zill performance?   Have you even thought about pairing a costume to your zills?   Today we’re in for a treat. 🙂   We have a special guest, Sahira, at Sparkly Belly today! 😀   If you’ve seen her performance, I think… Read more →

DIY Zill Mufflers & Pouch

  The sound of zills is enough to get me excited and wanting to dance! 😀 😀    But they are a bit too loud to practice at night in my small apartment… 🙁   So in this tutorial, you’ll see how I made these zill mufflers and a matching zill pouch! You can make them to the sizes of… Read more →

DIY mini skirt overskirt

DIY Mini Skirt Overskirt

  A little while ago, I shared a blog post about troupe costuming ideas, which has become one of my favourite posts!   And someone asked how to make the overskirts that this group is wearing over their skirts.     These ladies are from Inspire Bellydance troupe in Sydney, Australia, and the photo was shared by Rachel Bond!  … Read more →

DIY Brooch - How to Make a Brooch from an Applique

How to Make a Brooch from an Applique

  Brooches that come with pins or clips are super useful for quick dance costuming. 🙂   A few of these can glam up your costume instantly, and the best part is, they are so versatile and you can place them or remove them as you wish!   So in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a brooch… Read more →