DIY Belly Strap (+ no bump option!) for Belly Dance Costumes

In the last few years, many of you have noticed this trendy look of straps around the torso. These straps not only add sparkles to your belly, but also makes your torso look slimmer by creating this v-shape. It’s super easy to achieve this look, and I’m excited to share it with you in this tutorial. Let’s get started! Click… Read more →

DIY detachable puffy sleeve for belly dance costumes

DIY Detachable Puffy Sleeves for Belly Dance Costumes

I like accessories that spice up my existing costumes AND I can attach or remove from costumes as I like. 😉 You’ve seen examples of those accessories like the shrug, bead swag, or drape swag on Sparkly Belly! And today I’m excited to share with you this detachable puffy sleeve! It’s simple to make, but adds a wow factor to… Read more →

DIY ATS Choli Top - free pattern

DIY ATS Choli Top

If you’re an ATS dancer or a belly dancer that likes to have more coverage than just a bra top, choli tops are a great costuming option! It’s great as a lesson wear as well. In this tutorial, I’ll share with you how to make this cute choli top featuring the cold shoulder look. Let’s get started! Click here to… Read more →

How to Make Your Belly Dance Belt Adjustable by 4in or more!

Last week I shared with you 6 multi-size belly dance top ideas. Continuing the multi-size theme, this week I want to show you how to make your belly dance belt adjustable 🙂 You’re probably guessing I’ll be adding extra hooks… and you’re right! But we’ll ALSO add a secret ingredient that keeps the extended section of the belt neatly in… Read more →

6 Multi-Size Belly Dance Top Ideas

As women, our bodies go through a lot of size changes, and it’s annoying to have to figure out how to fit into your costume each time you gain or lose weight. Or you may be a teacher that needs to manage costumes for students whose sizes come in a wide range. So this week and next week, I’ll be… Read more →

DIY Tribal Fusion Panel Skirt

Looking for ways to glam up your costume? Then check out this tribal fusion style panel skirt! It’s a very beginner-friendly project, and the skirt adds another layer of shine and complexity to your costuming! Perfect for troupe costuming too 😉 Let’s get started! How to make the costumes I’m wearing in this video: Pantaloons Skirt Tops To make this… Read more →

DIY Ruched Mini Skirt for belly dance & yoga!

In my last tutorial, I showed you how to make this cute and comfortable wrap top with a hood. 🙂 Since it’s perfect as a dance lesson outfit, I made a matching ruched mini skirt that you can wear over your practice pants or leggings. This one is super easy to make, and in this video, you’ll see how. Let’s… Read more →