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DIY Beaded Heart Applique tutorial - dance, wedding, decor

DIY Beaded Heart Applique – for dance costumes, wedding, & decor

  Valentine’s Day is coming up!   So today I want to share with you how I made this heart shaped beaded applique. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day theme costume decorations or just make one as an accent piece like a hair accessory or Valentine’s Day decor or DIY gift. If you stick to neutral colours like I did here,… Read more →

Belly Dance Gaping Bra Cups 4 Fixes

4 Fixes for Gaping Bra Cups – Belly Dance Bra Alteration

  I wanted to start off the new year with the most common costuming problem that belly dancers have – gaping bra cups.   Our body goes through changes, but most belly dance bra cups are not so flexible. And most of them are heavily decorated, so cutting up the bra cups is too much work and you may wreck… Read more →

Sparkly Costume Showcase 2016

Christmas has passed, and it’s the end of the year.   How was your 2016?   My 2016 was lots of learning and meeting new people online and in person. I learned many little sewing techniques while making Sparkly Belly tutorials, and I also took a business program this year. I launched new ebook, Belly Dancer in Business, and new… Read more →

30 Belly Dancer Affirmation Cards - Free and Printable

30 Belly Dance Affirmation Cards (Free & Printable!)

  If you came to my website for the first time from other belly dancers’ Belly Dancer Affirmation Cards posts, welcome! Take your time and enjoy browsing through my website 🙂 And welcome back, returning readers! 🙂 We have something different today….   What do you think when you hear the word “affirmation”?   Positive words, powerful meanings, strength….   Then… Read more →

DIY Star Appliques

DIY Sparkly Star Appliques!

Welcome back to the Holiday DIY series!   In my last 2 posts, you saw how to make a sleeveless choli top with cute double bows and a super easy no-sew skirt for your holiday costume. But I mean, these are great all year around!   And today, I want to show you how to make these sparkly star appliques to add… Read more →

DIY 10 minute no sew ruffle skirt

DIY 10-minute ruffle skirt (Sew or no-sew!)

  This may be the easiest DIY I’ve done… 😉   In my last post, you saw how to make a sleeveless choli top that’s perfect for your holiday theme performance.   In this post – Holiday DIY series Pt 2 – I’ll show you how to make a SUPER EASY skirt with ruffles.   This is so easy that I’m… Read more →

DIY sleeveless choli crop top belly dance

DIY Easy Sleeveless Choli / Crop Top with Double Bows!

  Ohhh the festive season has begun!   Thanksgiving family fun, Black Friday shopping fun, and holiday dancing fun…. 😀   (oh, speaking of Black Friday, check out Sparkly Belly’s Black Friday fun here!)   Since holiday events are coming up, in the next 3 posts, I’m going to do a holiday DIY costume series where I’ll show you how… Read more →

Japanese Triangle Chalk Markers Giveaway!

Win one of 3 Japanese Triangle Chalk Markers!     *Only Sparkly Belly newsletter subscribers are eligible*   You can enter the giveaway by sharing in the comment section below a link to the picture of your favourite costume design on the internet!   (Your comment will be approved in the order we receive it.)   To be eligible, enter by 4pm… Read more →