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Star Bright rhinestones review for dance costume making

High Quality & More Affordable!? Star Bright Rhinestones Review

  A few months ago I did a review on Swarovski’s shimmer effect rhinestone series, which was initially introduced to me by Alisa at Har-Man Importing.   And last month, she sent me another new line of rhinestones, called Star Bright. Thanks, Alisa!     Sign up for the free course & start making costumes!   Star Bright is an… Read more →

DIY Dancer Shorts

DIY Dancer Shorts

  Since I launched my latest costume making course, Aurora Convertible Skirt Premium Course, I received questions about what to wear under this type of skirt that has cutouts.   Click the image to check out how to make this skirt!   Generally, you can either wear nude colour underwear that doesn’t show, or some dancers wear boy shorts in… Read more →

3 sewing tools that make costume making easier and faster

3 sewing tools that make costume making faster & more fun!

  Some tools can make a world of difference 🙂   Today I want to share with you 3 of my favourite sewing tools that made a world of difference to my costume making. After I met these tools, costume making has become easier, faster and more fun! 😀   If you are looking to upgrade your sewing tools, I highly recommend… Read more →

Decorate on Stretch Waistband

How to Decorate on Stretch Waistband / Stretch Fabric

  I like belly dance costumes that have decorations sewn onto the skirt. 🙂   For this type of skirt, you don’t have to wear a separate belt, which can be more comfortable for some of you. At least for me – less opportunity for costume malfunction 😉   But how do you sew decorations to the stretch waistband of… Read more →

How to make naked costumes cutouts

How to Make “Naked” Costumes

  I’m not a big fan of belly dance costumes that are any more naked than they already are, but sometimes that “naked” design details on costumes can be visually interesting and also create beautiful lines.   And when I say “naked”, I mean those cut outs that show your skin or details that mimic the colour of your skin.… Read more →

DIY beaded paisley applique for belly dance costumes

DIY Beaded Paisley Applique

  In my last video, you saw how to make a heart shaped beaded applique.   And this week I want to share with you this paisley beaded applique. I love paisley designs, and they look great on costumes in every colour. Let’s get started!     Download the free paisley patterns here!   To make these paisley appliques, you… Read more →

DIY Beaded Heart Applique tutorial - dance, wedding, decor

DIY Beaded Heart Applique – for dance costumes, wedding, & decor

  Valentine’s Day is coming up!   So today I want to share with you how I made this heart shaped beaded applique. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day theme costume decorations or just make one as an accent piece like a hair accessory or Valentine’s Day decor or DIY gift. If you stick to neutral colours like I did here,… Read more →

DIY Star Appliques

DIY Sparkly Star Appliques!

Welcome back to the Holiday DIY series!   In my last 2 posts, you saw how to make a sleeveless choli top with cute double bows and a super easy no-sew skirt for your holiday costume. But I mean, these are great all year around!   And today, I want to show you how to make these sparkly star appliques to add… Read more →

DIY 10 minute no sew ruffle skirt

DIY 10-minute ruffle skirt (Sew or no-sew!)

  This may be the easiest DIY I’ve done… 😉   In my last post, you saw how to make a sleeveless choli top that’s perfect for your holiday theme performance.   In this post – Holiday DIY series Pt 2 – I’ll show you how to make a SUPER EASY skirt with ruffles.   This is so easy that I’m… Read more →