30 Belly Dance Affirmation Cards (Free & Printable!)

30 Belly Dancer Affirmation Cards - Free and Printable


If you came to my website for the first time from other belly dancers’ Belly Dancer Affirmation Cards posts, welcome! Take your time and enjoy browsing through my website 🙂

And welcome back, returning readers! 🙂 We have something different today….


What do you think when you hear the word “affirmation”?


Positive words, powerful meanings, strength….


Then there may be somewhat negative connotations of need for help…


To me, it’s a reminder.


No positive or negative meanings. Just a reminder.


And we all need reminders. Reminders that bring you back to the root of who you are and why you do what you do, no matter what life throws at you.


Today I have an exciting gift for you.


30 Belly Dance Affirmation Cards!


Belly Dance Affirmation Cards


Kyria, a lovely belly dancer and instructor based in the Netherlands, approached me a couple of months ago with this great idea.


She proposed that she bring a selected group of people in the belly dancing world together and create affirmation cards that belly dancers around the world can freely download and share.


I thought, what a genius idea! 😀


So the last several weeks, we – especially Kyria – worked hard to brainstorm words and images that bring us inspiration.


For me, these are words and phrases that I learned from my personal experiences – both happy and sad. I came up with 30 of those, and picked 6 affirmations that meant the most deeply to who I am and why I do things like creating costuming tutorials and connecting with belly dancers from all over the world.


And some of these may mean something very important to you too. 🙂


Click here to download my Affirmation Cards!


(These affirmation cards are completely free to download, print for personal use and share!)


One of the purposes of this project is also to share with you other online belly dancing resources that you may find useful!


So here are other dancers that are part of this affirmation cards project. Each one of us created 6 affirmation cards, and you can get the rest of the affirmation card set on their websites! All of their websites are helpful and resourceful, so I highly recommend you check them out!



Andalee is an Oriental dancer and instructor from Durham, North Carolina, now based in Montpellier, France. Her dance style is based in Egyptian belly dance and American Cabaret belly dance. Her mission is to promote belly dance as a respected and valid performance art. She teaches her students that belly dance is truly accessible to anyone by exploring the different techniques and styles of belly dance. In 2013, Andalee founded Belly Dance at Any Size after learning about size-acceptance and Health at Every Size. The website is a resource for building self-esteem and a positive body image for belly dancers.


Visit Belly Dance at Any Size for Andalee’s affirmations






Khalida is a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor, born in Belgium and living in Germany. She currently offers personal coaching, instructional dvd’s and workshops as well as high-quality performances.  In August 2017 she hosts the first Movespiration weekend in Wurselen, Germany. The goal of this weekend is to share her biggest discoveries, learnings and inspirations of the past year(s) in dance and movement in the form of a 2-day movement and dance intensive, featuring guest classes/workshops from teachers from different movement disciplines/arts, as well as personalised (belly)dance technique and movement guidance.


Visit Khalida’s blog at www.khalidadance.com for her affirmations






Falling in love with the music and movements of belly dance is what got Kyria started, inspiring her students by teaching belly dance is what keeps her going. She is available for classes, workshops and performances in the Utrecht area in The Netherlands. After teaching weekly classes for over a decade she figured it was time to reach out to dancers all over the world and offer resources to students, teachers and performers on www.bellydanceresources.com. Her first Kickstarter will go live in February 2017, featuring Belly Dance Practice Dice.


Visit Belly Dance Resources for Kyria’s affirmations





Zahra Zuhair

International performer, workshop instructor, and choreographer, Zahra is world renowned for her knowledge, authenticity, and dedication to the art of Middle Eastern dance. Raised in raqs sharqi from a young age, Zahra is known for her musicality and classic, elegant style. She is the artistic director of PoNaNa Dance Theatre (loosely meaning a blend of many things) and has written and choreographed productions intertwining Arabian tales and dance, since 1997. Los Angeles, California has been Zahra’s home base since 1984, where she has been one of LA’s most esteemed teachers for many years. Her always-evolving style keeps students, old and new, coming back for more.


Visit Zahra Zuheir’s website for her affirmations



Click the above links and collect all 30 belly dance affirmation cards! 🙂





Kyria took one of my affirmations and created a special poster for you to download for free! 😀


This one really represents why I encourage and try to empower belly dancers to create their own costumes.


This one is in US letter size, so you can print it out at your home printer just like other affirmation cards 🙂


Download the special BONUS affirmation poster here for free!



Decoration Ideas with Belly Dance Affirmation Cards


You can carry these cards in your bag or schedule book for daily reminders.


You can also use the cards to decorate your practice space, choreography notebook, makeup area, fridge etc.


These are also great for creating a positive and safe atmosphere for your students in your studio. 🙂


Here’s what I did:


minimalist decor with affirmation cards and musical instrument

minimalist decor with belly dance affirmation cards and riq tambourine


I LOVE how the cards look! I like minimalist + glam with warm, rusticness, and these cards printed on regular printer paper are nice addition. I painted this old frame in white a long time ago. I simply tape the cards to the wall (washi tape would be cute too!) inside the frame, and draped a necklace over the frame 🙂


Have fun, and if you decorate your place with these cards, be sure to share the photos on social media with #bellydanceaffirmations so other dancers can look and download for themselves too 🙂


Special thanks to Kyria for leading us in this awesome project and creating beautiful cards!!


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😀


P.S. Share this post and share the affirmations with your dance sisters this holiday season 🙂



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