DIY Dancer Shorts

DIY Dancer Shorts


Since I launched my latest costume making course, Aurora Convertible Skirt Premium Course, I received questions about what to wear under this type of skirt that has cutouts.


Click the image to check out how to make this skirt!

Aurora Convertible Skirt Premium Course


Generally, you can either wear nude colour underwear that doesn’t show, or some dancers wear boy shorts in nude colour. For dance skirts that have big slits, for example, it may be better to wear shorts in the colour of the skirt in case they show.


So today I’ll share with you how you can make your own boy shorts to wear under your dance skirts or even to wear on their own for practice! Let’s get started.



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DIY Dancer Shorts


To make DIY Dancer Shorts, you need:


Stretch fabric – I recommend 4 way stretch fabric. If you are going to wear the shorts on their own, go for heavier weight stretch fabric. Have about 1/2m (1/2yd) ready.

Matching colour thread

Your favourite leggings – don’t worry, you won’t be cutting these apart.

Regular sewing tools


First, turn one side of your leggings inside out, and put the other leg inside it. This way you can see the seams clearly.


Turn leggings inside out


On a flat surface, place your stretch fabric and fold it in half, right sides together. If your fabric stretches one way more than the other way, the stretchier way should be perpendicular to the fold.


Place your leggings on the fabric. You’ll notice that the crotch part doesn’t align, and it’s okay. This is because the back side is deeper than the front side.


Simply trace the side of the leggings that’s facing the fabric. From the crotch, trace just 10cm (4in) down.


Trace leggings for making DIY dancer shorts


Then add a 1/2in (1cm) seam allowance to the sides. Don’t worry about the top and bottom edge.


Next, flip the leggings over at  the fold of the leggings. Align the top edge, and continue to trace the side that’s facing the fabric, up to 10cm (4in) down from the crotch.


Add 1/2in (1cm) seam allowance to the sides.


Connect the bottom points.


DIY dancer shorts pattern


Cut along the lines, and you have 2 panels ready.


Take one panel and fold it right sides together, and sew the inseam, which is from the crotch to the bottom edge. Use your favourite stretch stitch like a zigzag stitch.


Sew inseam for boy shorts


Do the same for the other panel.


Turn one of them inside out, and place it in the other side. The right sides should face each other, and match up the crotch section.


And simply do a stretch stitch along the curve with a 1/2in (1cm) seam allowance.


Sew crotch for DIY boy shorts dance shorts


Now turn it inside out, and try it on. Most leggings are made high-waisted, so fold the top edge in as low as you’d like. Place pins at the front, back and sides.


Adjust shorts length DIY


Same with the legs. Fold in as much as you’d like.


Take off the shorts, and for the waistband, simply do a stretch stitch at 1in (2.5cm) seam allowance or if you fold is smaller, use a smaller seam allowance to secure the fold in place. I don’t like to add elastic here, because it makes it tighter and causes a muffin top, and since we’re using stretch fabric, it should hold up. But if you feel you shorts won’t hold up without it, feel free to add elastic. Then trim the excess fabric close to the stitches.


Same thing for the legs. Do a stretch stitch at 1/2in (1cm) seam allowance to secure the fold, and trim the excess fabric. Or, if you use heavier weight stretch fabric, you can leave the edges raw like this. It won’t fray, and if your fabric is heavy enough so the raw edges don’t curl, keeping the edges unfinished actually helps prevent the lines from showing up when you put on your skirt.


DIY Dancer Shorts shortcut


And your shorts are finished! Make them in different fabrics and have fun! You can also attach skirt to the shorts to create the modern look and it can help your skirt from sliding as well.


DIY dancer shorts complete


If you’re curious about how to make the pink skirt with side cutouts you saw at the beginning, learn how to make it here!


Hope you liked these DIY dancer shorts, and if you did, please share this post with your dancer friends! And if you want to learn to make more belly dance costumes, join my free course, Belly Dance Costume Making 101.


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!


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DIY Dancer Shorts


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