DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle

DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle belly dance


In my last post, I showed you how to make a drape armband that matches your costume.


It is very important to have a matching accessory, because it really balances out your entire outfit and completes it!


Here’s another matching accessory idea which I call Sparkly Chunky Bangle! 😀


In recent years this type of thick, shiny bangles are becoming popular among belly dancers, and they look gorgeous! In this video, you’ll see how I made one for myself. Let’s get started!



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To make this Sparkly Chunky Bangle, you’ll need:

Batting – if you don’t have batting, you can use felt or even scrap fabric.

Stretch fabric – About 8in (20cm) long.

Recycle old bracelets if you like. If you have a thick bangle already, use that, but I didn’t so I got thin bracelets at a dollar store. I glued them together using E6000 to make a thick bangle base.

Decoration items like rhinestones

Fabric glue


DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle


First, measure the width and circumference of your bangle base.


Then cut batting to these sizes:

  1. circumference of your bangle base + 3/8in (1cm) by 2 x width of the bangle base + 3/8in (1cm)
  2. circumference of your bangle base + 3/8in (1cm) by width of the bangle base


Place the narrower strip around the bangle and secure it with drops of fabric glue.


Sparkly chunky bangle making


Add volume to bangle - DIY chunky bangle


Then cover the entire bangle with the wider batting strip to give thickness and make the surface smooth.


Secure the ends on the inside of the bangle with drops of fabric glue. If you’re using felt or scrap fabric, cut them into the same dimensions, but you may need more layers of narrow strips to give volume to your bangle.


Make chunky bangle base


Next cut stretch fabric into the circumference of the bangle base by (the width of the bangle base x 2) + 3/4in (2cm).


Sew the shorter ends right sides together with a narrow zigzag stitch. Use a 3/8in (1cm) seam allowance.


Flip it inside out, and place the fabric around the bangle.


Cover DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle base


Bring the top and bottom edges to the inside of the bangle. Fold in the top end at 3/8in (1cm) from the edge, and whip stitch the fold to the bottom layer on the inside of the bangle. Keep folding as you stitch. If you have a big clip like the red one in the photo, it’s very helpful.


Sew stretch fabric onto sparkly chunky bangle DIY


DIY belly dance bracelet chunky bangle


And finally, decorate it as you like. I simply glued on rhinestones to match my costume. I placed rhinestones in a diamond pattern, but you can just cover the entire area with rhinestones to maximize the shine as well. If you make the bangle with neutral colours like this, it’s easy to match with lots of other costumes!


Decorate DIY sparkly chunky bangle with rhinestones


And now your Sparkly Chunky Bangle is finished! 😀


I love the presence of this bangle – it is a quite noticeable accessory on stage, and I also love how a bangle like this makes your wrist appear small and delicate and helps accentuate your arm movement 🙂


And of course, it’s a great project to use up your scrap materials!


DIY sparkly chunky bangle belly dance bracelet accessory


Hope you liked this DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle, and if you did, please share this post with your dancer friends!


And if you’re curious about making the dresses I’m wearing, you can make your own! Learn how at


Hourglass Belly Dance Dress - Sparkly Belly Premium Course


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😉


P.S. Pin this image on your accessory board! 🙂

DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle belly dance accessory

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  1. Joanie Malowany
    November 30, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Hi Mao, just a note to let you know I enjoy your website. I have not sewn mu longer dance top as I am recovering from surgery. I will try to kerp notes znd share with you when it is finished. I have not forgotten!

    • Mao
      December 1, 2017 at 10:35 am

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Joanie! I wish you speedy recovery, and look forward to hearing about your project! 🙂

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