DIY Sparkly Star Appliques!

DIY Star Appliques

Welcome back to the Holiday DIY series!


In my last 2 posts, you saw how to make a sleeveless choli top with cute double bows and a super easy no-sew skirt for your holiday costume. But I mean, these are great all year around!


And today, I want to show you how to make these sparkly star appliques to add to your holiday costumes. Let’s get started!



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To make these sparkly star appliques, you need:
Stretch fabric (1in x 12in per applique)
20 gauge wire
Wire cutters and pliers
Regular sewing tools
– See Resources Page for my favourites 🙂


How to Make DIY Star Appliques


The basics of these appliques are the same as my grape vine appliques. See this tutorial for details if you haven’t seen it yet!


DIY Wire Rhinestone Appliques for Dance Costumes - Grape Vine Applique


For the larger star, cut your fabric into 1in x 12in (2.5cm x 30cm), and for the smaller star, cut your fabric into 1in x 10in (2.5cm x 26cm).


Fold the ends and fold the fabric lengthwise and sew with a 1/4in (5mm) seam allowance to make a tube.


Make tube for star applique


Turn it inside out.


Turn tube inside out for star applique


Then sew one of the ends shut. 🙂


Sew one end shut for star applique


Now cut wire. For the larger star, cut the wire into 21in (52cm). For the smaller star, cut the wire into 16in (42cm).


Bend the ends 1/2in (1cm), so the ends are not sharp.


Bend end of wire for making applique


Run the wire between your fingers to straighten it a little here.


Insert the wire into the tube, and sew the tube shut. It’ll be quite tight, and that means you’re doing it right! 🙂


Sew end of tube for making wire star applique DIY


For larger star appliques, fold at every 4in (10cm).


Fold wire DIY star appliques


And shape it into a star by creating a little loop at every fold. Add some curves to the wire, so it’s nice and curly.


Make loops with wire DIY star applique


Fold the ends to keep shape. You can sew the ends together if the wire doesn’t stay together.


Bend ends of wire DIY star applique


DIY wire star applique for dance costumes


For smaller star appliques, fold at every 3in (8cm).


Glue on rhinestones if you like.


Glue rhinestones on DIY wire star applique


Attach them to costumes for fun holiday costume decoration. Or with some string, these will make cute ornaments too!


DIY wire star appliques on choli and skirt


Enjoy your holiday performances with your holiday theme costume!


Hope you liked the holiday DIY costume series, If you like these appliques, please share this post with your dancer friends for a fun decoration idea!


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Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling! 😀


P.S. Pin the image and make these sparkly stars this weekend!

DIY star appliques


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  2 comments for “DIY Sparkly Star Appliques!

    December 10, 2016 at 6:52 am

    These are awesome, Mao! I just happen to have some left over silver metallic fabric from the DIY Shrug that you showed us how to make! The theme for our troops’ Friend and Family belly dancing show is, A Night In the Desert, and these would look great for decorations on the curtains on the back of the stage! I could add some heavy duty maganets, and put a magnet behind the curtain, to put them up. That way I’m not sticking pins in the curtain. So cool! Love your ideas!

    • Mao
      December 11, 2016 at 11:44 am

      I love your ideas too, Virginia! Such a good idea to attach magnets 😀 It would be an awesome backdrop!!

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