The Bellydance Bundle Review!

The Bellydance Bundle Review


Finally! The Bellydance Bundle is on sale NOW!


Click here to buy the Bellydance Bundle! (available until Oct 8, 2017)


I’ve been talking about this project for a while now, and I’m really excited that it’s finally LIVE. 😀


It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to check out 21 of the best online belly dance resources available at a hugely discounted price!


The content in the Bellydance Bundle will keep you busy for a good year 🙂


So what’s in the Bellydance Bundle?


Here’s an overview of what you get in the Bellydance Bundle:


  1. 2 Live Lectures on Research Practices – Exclusive to Buyers by Sahra Saeeda (Value: $100)
  2. How to Build a Sustainable Practice Habit Online Course – Premium Edition by Nadira Jamal (Value: $99)
  3. SharQui Level 1 + How to Teach Bellydance Fitness by Oreet (Value: $45)
  4. Choreo or Drills Package by Sadie Marquardt (Value: $48)
  5. Deb Rubin Online Sampler by Deb Rubin (Value: $66)
  6. Musicality for Dancers by Keti Sharif (Value: $30)
  7. Dina Bra from Scartch Premium & Belly Dance Costume Workshop Preview by Mao (Value: $90)
  8. Dance Dynamics and Digital Dance Dynamic Practice Cards by Amity Alize (Value: $40)
  9. Full on with 3/4 Shimmies by Mahin (Value: $30)
  10. Midnight at the Crossroads: Has Belly Dance Sold Its Soul by Alia Thabit (Value: $29)
  11. Zills: Music on Your Fingertips by Dawn Divine (Value: $23)
  12. Communication Skills for On and Off the Stage Online Workshop by Terri Allred (Value: $45)
  13. The Fez Documentary & Fez Vinyl Digital Download by Roxxanne Shelaby (Value: $20)
  14. Classical Persian Dance Level 1 & Contemporary Persian Ballet Vol 1 by Shahrzad Khorsandi (Value: $40)
  15. Delicious Pauses & Bonus Hands & Arms Intensive by Rosa Noreen (Value: $45)
  16. Bellydance: The Next Steps, Vol 1 – Briedge Beginner and Intermediate by Farha (Value: $19)
  17. The Bellydance Competition Handbook & Shimmies on the Downs by Jennifer (Value: $55)
  18. Miguel Drum Solo 16 Class Choreo Package by Karen Barbee (Value: $220)
  19. Live Lecture – From Cafe Chantant to Casion Opera by Nisaa, Heather Ward (Value: $40)
  20. Little Book of Big Advice by Tava Naiyin (Value: $10)
  21. 30% Off Coupon by Turquoise International (Value: $5 – $100+)


So many interesting and hard-to-find topics, right? 😀


In case it’s overwhelming, here are some handy charts:


By product format

The Bellydance Bundle by product format


By topic

The Bellydance Bundle by topic


Aaaand, I just got to see some of these awesome products, so I want to share with you what I personally think about them!


The Bellydance Bundle Review


Dina Bra from Scratch Premium Course

Dina Bra from Scratch Premium Course + Belly Dance Costume Workshop special preview (Value: $90)



Okay, so this is my own product, and it’s not fair for me to give it a review.


BUT let me tell you, it was very difficult to decide which course to contribute to the Bellydance Bundle!


I have several courses now, and I wanted to add most value to the Bundle. And I threw in my latest & popular course Dina Bra from Scratch AND the special preview package of my Belly Dance Costume Workshop 🙂


In short, you will:

  • Create your very own, beautiful Dina Bra base that fits you perfectly – using an ordinary bra!
  • Learn my 5-Step Seamless Bra Covering Technique that helps me cover a Dina Bra base without folds, darts or gathering and create a professional look! 
  • No longer search for hardshell, inflexible Dina Bra bases; instead you’ll start creating your dream costumes!


And you’ll see selected lessons on dancewear fabrics, making a perfectly-fitting belt and skirt from my comprehensive costume making program, the Belly Dance Costume Workshop.


Click here to buy the Bundle!



Already have the Dina Bra course? Well, the rest of the Bundle is still well worth the price of the Bundle!


Miguel Drum Solo 16 Class Choreo Package by Karen Barbee (Value: $220)

Karen The Bellydance Bundle


This is a series of 16 pre-recorded classes where you can learn Karen’s beautiful choreography to a drum solo piece played by Miguel Crespo. This is the highest priced course in the Bellydance Bundle, and I was curious to check it out.


What I found in this online course:

  • It feels like you’re really in her class! – In each class, you start from warm up, and learn the choreography step by step.
  • Layered techniques & movement varieties – The choreography is packed with various techniques, movements and speeds, and it’s really visually interesting.
  • 16 lessons accompanied with great diagrams – Each lesson is about an hour long, so it’s really like attending weekly lessons. Diagrams help you decipher the drum solo!


This course is great if you are looking for structured weekly lessons that you can follow along and want to feel progress week after week!


Join the Bundle and learn Karen’s drum solo!



Jennifer the Bellydance BundleThe Bellydance Competition Handbook & Shimmies on the Downs by Jennifer (Value: $55)


This is a review of Jennifer’s Bellydance Competition Handbook. I’ve never seen anyone write about competitions, which is a completely unknown territory for me, so I wanted to have a read!


Here’s what I found in this book:

  • Very interesting topic – competition is a topic that many dancers are curious about, but most people learn how to prepare for competitions or what to perform by doing (and often by making mistakes). This handbook demystify competitions!
  • You get to learn from insiders – Jennifer has a lot of experience, and you can learn things like how much it costs to be part of a competition and how you can prepare yourself for the big stage physically and mentally.


This is a great book to read if you are a student dancer who is dreaming to compete or a professional that needs extra help preparing for a competition.


Click here to learn from Jennifer in the Bellydance Bundle!


Terri the Bellydance BundleCommunication Skills for On and Off the Stage Online Workshop by Terri Allred (Value: $45)


This is an online course where Terri and Lisa help you develop communication skills which are useful on and off stage. Cues are often used in ATS belly dance, but no matter what style belly dancing you do, you have to communicate with your troupemates. I thought this topic is not often discussed in class but can be crucial for working with other dancers.


What I found in this course:

  • You learn an important life skill! – You start the course with learning about how you handle conflicts. I’ve never thought of conflicts in the context of dancing, but there are conflicts where there are people. The skill you learn from this course goes way beyond dancing.
  • A great platform – the course platform is clean and very easy to use!


I think all dancers will benefit from learning in this course and think about how to communicate with their troupmates, classmates, musicians, and other dancers. Artistic work is really self-expression, and I’ve seen people’s ego prevents them from achieving more. After watching the first few lessons, this course already made me a thoughtful dancer. 🙂


Join the Bellydance Bundle and become a wise dancer with Terri & Lisa!



I randomly selected the above courses to review, but I’m blown away by the amount of information that’s in each course!


I’m also looking forward to checking out all others, particularly the Fez documentary by Roxxanne Shelaby and Persian Dance by Shahrzad Khorsandi… and Mahin’s 3/4 Shimmies!


You may be thinking, “But how honest is this review? At the end of the day, you want to sell me the Bundle, right?”


Right. But what’s important to me is that you are very happy with your purchase!


So I tried to be as honest as I could with this review.


You see, I want to develop long-lasting relationships with anyone who purchases my products. So I would NEVER recommend you buy low quality products.


As you can see, these learning materials come from honest and experienced belly dancers, and they will definitely keep you busy for a good year. You’ll learn not only techniques and drills but also the history, culture, research practice, and of course, costuming. 😉


I honestly believe you’ll benefit A LOT from this amazing deal.


PLUS you’ll be able to join a special Facebook group where everyone who joined the Bellydance Bundle can ask questions, share ideas, and join in special events etc.


All of these are worth $900+.


You can get them all for $147. (84% OFF!)


If you like 3-4 products out of the list, you’ll already save money by getting this Bundle 🙂


What’s the catch?


It’s only available until this Sunday, October 8, 2017!


So get the Bellydance Bundle now!


Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling 😉