How to Make a Tassel

How to Make a Tassel

Big tassels look beautiful on ATS style belts and costumes, and I’ve been enjoying tassels as my dance space decor.


In this video, you’ll see how to make a tassel – super easy! You can make a few or a whole bunch, and use them whatever way you like.



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To make tassels, you need: 


Yarn or embroidery floss – Yarn makes big, chunky tassels, and embroidery floss makes smaller, delicate tassels that you may sometimes see on tribal fusion costumes.

A piece of cardboard or smartphone – the size of the cardboard determines the length of your tassels. I found my smartphone was the perfect size for the tassels I wanted to make. If you use embroidery floss, use something smaller like a business card.


DIY Tassel!


First, take yarn or embroidery floss and wrap it around your cardboard or smartphone. For this one, I wrapped the yarn about 40 times.  


How to Make a Tassel 1  

To show you what they look like based on how many times you wrap your yarn, I wrapped yarn 20 times for the left one, and this right one was 40 times. So if you want more volume, use more yarn.  


Sizes of tassels  

Also to show you different lengths of tassels, these are tassels that I made using my phone. I made the left one by wrapping the yarn around the short side of my phone, and I made the right one by using the long side of my phone.  


Short tassels and long tassels  

So play with cardboards or your phone to see what length and volume you’d like for your tassels. 🙂  


So once you wrap yarn, cut the yarn, and cut 2 pieces of yarn about 15cm or 6in long.  


How to Make a Tassel 2  

Slip a piece of yarn under all the yarn on one side, and pull it towards the end of the cardboard, opposite from the end where you started wrapping the yarn. Then tie a tight knot there.  


How to Make a Tassel 3   How to Make a Tassel 4  

Slide the yarn off, while holding onto the loops of yarn as shown in the picture below. Put scissors through the loops and snip. It’s not going to fall apart, because you’ve tied a knot on the other end of the loops.  


How to Make a Tassel 5   How to Make a Tassel 6  

Then hold the yarn with one hand and bring all the rest of the yarn together with the other hand.  Take the other piece of yarn, and wrap it around the whole bunch about 2 cm or just less than an inch away from the knot. Wrap it tight and make a tight knot there.

  How to Make a Tassel 7  

Just trim the excess yarn, and it’s finished.  


DIY Tassels  

You can mix different colours and have fun! 😀  


Next week, I will show you how to make a garland/banner with these tassels and scrap fabric. You can use it to decorate your dance space, or hafla as a backdrop on the stage or for photography sessions.  


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Thanks for reading, and keep sparkling!


Oh, and as always, pin this so you can make tassels on a rainy weekend 😉


How to Make Tassels

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