Sparkly Belly’s Belly Dance Costume Catalogue – 100+ DIY ideas!

Sparkly Belly Belly Dance Costume Catalogue


Sparkly Belly’s Belly Dance Costume Catalogue

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Costuming Ideas (+ relevant tutorials)


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Costuming Ideas (+ relevant tutorials)


Swirly Belt preview

Bra + Skirt : Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Belt: Swirly Belt

Skirt ruffles: Perky Ruffles



Belly Dance Costume Workshop head to toe

Bra, Belt, Skirt, Decoration: Belly Dance Costume Workshop



Dina Bra + Aurora Convertible Skirt

Bra: Dina Bra from Scratch

Skirt: Aurora Convertible Skirt

Bra decoration: Pleating



Finished DIY Baladi Dress Saidi Dress with mandarin collar and placket

Bra: Dina Bra from Scratch

Dress: Baladi dress with mandarin collar

Accessories: Head & hip scarf with sequins



Time lapse - pink & navy belly dance costume

Bra + Belt base: Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Skirt: Double layer circle skirt

Making of this costume: Time lapse



DIY lace side panel color block mermaid skirt

Bra + Skirt base: Belly Dance Costume Workshop

Bra decoration: Belly drape

Lace side panels: Lace side panel mermaid skirt



Belly Dance Dress all sides

Dress: Hourglass Belly Dance Dress


Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

Dress: Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

Bracelet: Sparkly Chunky Bangle



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Tutorials by topic




How to Make a Belly Dance Bra Pt 1 Materials    DIY Bra Inserts / Bra Pads for Belly Dancers and everyday use 

Make a Belly Dance Bra M4   Dina Bra from Scratch Premium Course

DIY Belly Drape for belly dance bra BDCW hack

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DIY sleeveless choli crop top belly dance  Cowl Neck Top DIY

DIY Crop Top for dance practice, yoga, workout  DIY peasant crop top off shoulder - thrifty belly

DIY Turkish Vest for belly dance - sew & no sew

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DIY Gold Chain Belts  Make a Belly Dance Belt M5

Swirly Belt - Sparkly Belly Premium Course

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DIY 25 yard skirt - gypsy, atm, belly dance  DIY Lace side panel mermaid skirt color block BDCW hack

Aurora Convertible Skirt naked cutout  Aurora Convertible Skirt naked cutout 2

Aurora Convertible Skirt naked costume nude fabric  Aurora Convertible Skirt naked costume mesh

DIY 10 minute no sew ruffle skirt  DIY Circle Skirt - Reversible, double-layer, double-slit

How to Make a Mermaid Skirt Pattern  How to Make a Circle Skirt and Circle Skirt Pattern

Make a Mermaid Skirt with Inserts Goddess Skirt  How to Make 3 Styles of Mermaid Skirts out of 1 set of patterns

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Harem Pants


Harem Pants with Slits on Side  How to Make Belly Dancer Harem Pants DIY

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Hourglass Belly Dance Dress - Sparkly Belly Premium Course  Hourglass Belly Dance Dress Style #2 all sides

DIY Baladi Dress with mandarin collar and placket  DIY Baladi Dress Saidi Dress  DIY Kaftan Dress / Cover Up  Caftan open front cover-up with pockets DIY

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How to Make Wristbands, Bella inspired Gauntlets  How to Make Armbands, Bella inspired Gauntlets

DIY Thigh Chain Jewelry for Belly Dancers  Nude Elastic Straps DIY for dance costumes

DIY Snake Arm Cuff Jewelry  How to Make a Headpiece Circlet

DIY tribal overskirt hip skirt with side ruffles  DIY Belly Dance Body Stockings Belly Stocking

DIY Barefoot Sandals with Beaded Lace Applique  DIY Belly Dance Gauntlets Fingerless Gloves

DIY Fringe Hip Scarf bellydance  How to Make a Net Fringe Design for Belly Dance Hip Scarf

DIY hip scarf with large sequins  Princess Jasmine Sleeves DIY - romantic drape sleeves

DIY Shrug for Dancers  DIY Dancer Shorts

DIY Bindi Jewelry inspired by The Tribal Way  DIY Drape Armband with Hourglass Belly Dance Dress

DIY Sparkly Chunky Bangle belly dance

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DIY Perky Ruffles - Flounce ruffles with fishing line  How to Make Cut Outs on Skirts

How to make naked costumes cutouts  How to Make a Modesty Panel Insert for Belly Dance Skirts

DIY Spiral Ruffle Fringe with Flounce  How to Sew a Curly Fishing Line Lettuce Hem

DIY Wire Rhinestone Appliques for Dance Costumes - Grape Vine Applique  DIY Star Appliques

DIY beaded paisley applique for belly dance costumes  DIY Beaded Heart Applique tutorial - dance, wedding, decor

How to Make Appliques for belly dancers  Swirly Belt - Sparkly Belly Premium Course

Beading techniques for belly dancers single line  Decorate Your Belly Dance Costumes M7

How to Use a Glue Syringe - rhinestone applicator  Pleating and Ruching to decorate dance costumes

light up dance costumes DIY  Decorate on Stretch Waistband

How to Sew on Sequins Trim with a Sewing Machine  How to Make a Tassel

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DIY Isis Wings Veil Wings  DIY LED Isis Wings Veil Wings

DIY dance prop bag for belly dance

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Costume Fitting


Altering Beaded Belly Dance Bra Shoulder Straps  Altering Belly Dance Belt

How to Fit your Belly Dance Skirt  Plus Size Belly Dance Costuming Guide

Belly Dance Gaping Bra Cups 4 Fixes  10 ways to make belly dance bra work

3 Perfectly Fitting Belt Tips  2 Easy Fixes for Loose Skirt

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Sewing tips


3 Tricks for sewing stretch fabrics and avoiding uneven skirt hem  Belly Dance Sewing Basics M1-3

3 sewing tools that make costume making easier and faster  Tools & Resources for DIY Belly Dance Costumes

 How to Turn a Tube of Fabric without Tube Turner how to avoid sore fingers while hand sewing

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Fun Ideas


27 Ways to Wear a Belly Dance Veil  16 Ways to Wear a Reversible circle skirt

DIY Banner Garland for Sparkly Dancers  DIY Belly Dance Ornaments

How to find time for sewing  what type of belly dancer are you test

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Sewing Table

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Words of wisdom

belly dance costuming tips with Zahra Zuhair  Katalin Schafer costume

30 Belly Dancer Affirmation Cards - Free and Printable

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Sparkly Belly Students / Readers Showcases


Swirly Belt Showcase - sparkly belly  

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